Privacy Policy For Our Users

OSOS privacy policy

We appreciate your privacy and we care about what you share with us.

1)Types of information collected.

Your username along with Your password, Your name, Your address, Your telephone number, Your e-mail address or other contact information, Your date of birth, Your gender. And whatever information you provide us by seeing, receiving or by clicking. This information is used by us to respond to you for your shopping details and future shopping prospects. We can use cookies and such information when you search we may use your current location when you download osos app. This is done in order to provide you with more user experience. You can also turn off the mobile GPS anytime and choose not to provide your location.
We can send or receive emails to track shopping orders, advertisements and future sales coming up in your area.

2) Will Osos share your information with the third party?
We appreciate your privacy and we honour it. We do not sell or share your information to any third party without your permission.

3) Is it possible to not provide my information?
It is absolutely ok to not to provide your information. But we do so to enhance your user experience. By choosing to not provide your information, we will be limited to our ability to serve your the best.

4) Can children of below 13 years use OSOS?
We do not appreciate a child of below 13 years of age to use OSOS without their parents/ guardians consent.

5) Can OSOS change the privacy policy?
We reserve the right to change the privacy policy anytime. The changes will be in effect right after posting it on website or app.