About Us

Shopping is no more a tedious task. No need to cross your doors, everything is just a click away. Thanks to the online shopping. But unfortunately, the online shopping has become a bane for retail shops. As it is still a herculean task for them to market their products online. There are many reasons for this, lack of resources, lack of expertise, lack of proper strategy and the list goes on.
On the other hand, users are easily able to see the products and buy which are hundreds and thousands of kilometers away but are unaware that in their own locality someone might be selling it at a cheaper price with no compromise in quality.
So OSOS has taken this responsibility of filling these gaps between a user and a shopkeeper. And take the traditional shopping to a whole new level with the blend of online shopping into it.
OSOS provides an online platform where a retailer can showcase its products and market it globally. This way online shopping is no more restricted to a handful giant. Retails should get what they are entitled to.